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16 May 2006 @ 03:29 pm
I 've found it in one of the russian live journals.Of course,all this is on a surface,but only after this article I clearly understood what's happened there :) The text went through the electronic interpreter and,although I corrected some mistakes,there might remain some.

Writes morozobu (moroziko)
2005-11-26 23:08:00

The code of a matrix is broken open. The code is lower in the text

Yesterday during viewing wholly of all matrix it ocured to me.
I rewatched the first part 15 times, second - 8 times and three times - the third.
And I has reached it just now.
Kianu Reeves played in teenage films like " where's my car,dude ".
And the fans of such films grow on comics. And Reeves plays just such fan(amateur).

So, the essence of a matrix is that Wachovski picturized life inside the computer. More precisely the work of a software. and more exactly, the life of Windows 98 (1999, " The Matrix ") and it's death from a computer worm, with further repair.

As it is known,the computer with Windows 98 is loaded in 3 steps:
1 - loading BIOS (microcircuit in the computer containing the base information on devices)
2 - loading DOS (disk operational system - command line)
3 - loading Windows 98 after DOS.

The matrix is an operational system Windows 98. Which is also an "Oracle".

Xeon is a metaphorical combination of a Hard Drive and DOS (physically - Hard Drive, on which all the information is written down - files).

The corridor with lots of doors (in the second part) is the moment of loading of the computer by pressing a key DEL or F1 on the keyboard. (it is possible to leave to the Architect, but for this purpose it is necessary to have time(be in time) to get in a window for pressing a key DEL during several seconds).

The Architect is BIOS, first that is loaded in the computer.

Chinese in glasses (in the second and third parts) is Firewall, who tested Neo (antivirus), and has given him access on access to Windows 98 (Oracles).

The French is a programming language (must be Pascal), Monica Belucci - Delphi. (moment, when Neo has come for keymaker to the French and has asked it(him) to give keymaster back - it is meant here he needed necessary crack to BIOS, and when Pascal has failed to write a crack, it was written on Delphi).

The agents are the Windows system utilities (исполнимые files). they work on the oracle.

Morphine, Tinity and others - programs for DOS, supporting work in Windows.

The people in a matrix - files on a hard disk.

The agent Smith - computer virus.

Flying ships - programs, written in the Assembler - the programming language of a low-degree.

So this is the story:
User had a computer.
User loved to spend time in the Internet chats.
- > up to the end is not sure that particularly happened in this place, but it seems that the user has downloaded the beta-version of an antivirus,(Neo) infected by a virus. And during the attempting of an access to it(him) of the system utility (the agent Smith), Neo has infected Smith with a virus, which further mutated in the form of a computer worm (may be Love Letter Worm)
< - I'm not quite sure that it happened thus, but I hope the essence is clear. - >

Worm quickly started to make multiple copies and the user has decided(solved) to reinstall Windows.
Further there is a description of process of restoration of operational system infected by a virus.
User has filled/loaded full version of an antivirus (Neo) working under DOS (at the end of first (?) part Neo could block under DOS a directory "Nebucadanessar" from removal(distance) by robots).

Then the virus has infected a boot sector (loading area) of a disk - a long corridor with doors.
Neo in his searches of true of his existence has reached up BIOS (the Architect), and having understood that there is nothing further BIOS, and that it(he) is an antivirus, he has returned back in DOS to rescue the information (trinity and etc.). But it seems there was a system mistake, and Neo was removed in a Recycle Bin.

The 3rd part.

The brother of a user Wachovski - another Wachovski must be skillful in computers.
He has restored an antivirus from a Recycle Bin (station of the underground in the beginning of the 3-rd film) to upgrade it(him) on the Assembler, he wanted Neo to has coped with a computer worm.

Then it seems there was a try to make the Restore of Windows (Neo has addressed to the oracle with the request to explain everithing - she(it) has told, that she won't help, it he mus go to BIOS, and a Widows by evening will fall from a virus).
The agent Smith reaches system files and at last gets the Oracle, having received the complete control above it(her). Windows must die as is spoken. alles gut, hitler caput.

- > Further actions are transferred in DOS.
The battle/massacre in Xeon is a process of removal of files from a hard drive.
The second brother Wachovski in the meantime has managed to remove a virus from PC (Neo has departed to the main machine and it "has given" him the assembler code).
The files are saved (Xeon is not destroyed).
Windows is successfully restored.
In general,Neo had no choice. And the words of the oracle were the truth - that there were no choice for Neo, because actually it(he) is an antivirus, and oracle - is Windows and she(it) knows what is going on in her swap.

The movie is made from the point of view of on reality of the computer user.
I give back due to idea of the brothers.

I hope my review of film " The Matrix " is accessible to judgement by bodies of judgement.

People,install firewall and antivirus on the computer and do not climb on porn sites, if you don't want the "Matrix" has happened on your computer.

Thank for attention,
I am proud of myself,
I already have British flag in hands - give me a drum.
no applause,

> > > the termination(ending) < < <

© bратья morozobu
( updated 1st dec ' 05)

--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --

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2005-12-02 11:39 am UTC (link)
As far as I understand, different "programs for DOS supporting work in Windows ", first were not programs, as they have appeared becouse of mistakes/curvature of Windows (they say,that even the universe has curvatures, and "windows" are the part of universe too). The agents try to correct a mistake. And as for BIOS,there is a feeling, he cares only about iron things, and it's more important for him for everything worked and has not burned down. BUT the Agents save/delete the unuseful/unnecessary files and the mistakes of Windows. Yes,and by the way,Agents help the initial user, and one malefactor sends Neo, destroys all the protection of a user, and transfers the right of use to another user. And all inside are pleased,becouse they don't see difference, whom to serve, well, except for the agents.
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2005-12-13 01:50 pm UTC (link)
You were late only for 4 years.
With correct conclusions:)

Try to change at itself in a head DХ 486 even for a Pentium 2
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Explain that kg but instead of м " please means "
2005-12-13 04:42 pm UTC (link)
And I especially anywhere also did not hasten:)
And taking into account that in the Internet for last 6 years from the moment of an output(exit) of the first film I did not meet anything in essence, except for interpretation of sense of a matrix by the priests of any sorts, and the critics, it was necessary to do(make) everything by my own handles.
And if you, comrade слава_славкин already know that such DX486 that honour to you mine and praise! For I the supporter of domestic electronics also prefer ЕС1840;)
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2005-12-13 04:47 pm UTC (link)
Well yes, well yes
The subject that a matrix - is Windows, was discussed by us in 2000 (when still worked in comp. firm),and was not taken out on a wide review).

2005-12-17 02:55 am UTC (link)
I shall add only, that the agent Smith was a usual TerminateStayResiden virus. Neo has just only stopped (its) execution(performance), but has not unloaded from the memory. And the interruptions were intercepted long ago. And the infection went further...
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2005-12-17 02:58 am UTC (link)
This was noticed by all of my friends, who wrote DOS TSRs. Well and you have developed the idea till it's logic end:))))).
-dubious_blob on May 17th, 2006 02:56 pm (UTC)
what the fuck!!!111... tbh