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30 April 2006 @ 08:05 am
NVIDIA Tech Demo: "Luna"  
The demo in question was bundled with this month's PSW's DVD (PS2 Magazine) - to say I was shocked is an understatement. It is very, very strange.

Note the all-seeing eye.... and the Greys.... and the general weirdness...

Here's the official description of what is occurring in the demo:

"Gatekeepers preside over the juncture that lies between the real and the ethereal—that passage to dimensions beyond our own. In a spire soaring into a luminous void, this trio of sightless beings hover above a huge disembodied eye. Reorienting its unblinking gaze with impossibly large hands, they afford us a better view into its black aperture, dilating to reveal other worlds more mystifying than anything on our own prosaic plane.

Together these three act as one, attendant to Luna, the high priestess of this ocular oracle. Transformed from the cold, white light of reality, Luna is a graceful siren, set to draw us into her twilight realm. With her warm green glow to guide us, she eagerly pursues the as-yet-unimagined through the caverns of the collective subconscious.

Abandon the safety of the familiar, and follow Luna to a vast playground of chaos. She has things to show you, things that must be seen to be believed"

I'm probably overreacting here, but whatever's going on it doesn't alter the fact that for a company like NVIDIA this kind of thing is really fucking out there.

Watching the demo in action is quite an experience, I can tell you. Impressive, yes.. but, hmm - look, just check it out for yourselves. It'll take a while to download it but it's well worth it. You won't be able to understand what I mean until you've seen it yourselves. At the very least you'll be intrigued and somewhat amazed.

>Download link<
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Matt: ratfunkdrakotah on April 30th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC)
Oh WELL. 9_9